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Food Face Craft | Digital Download

Food Face Craft | Digital Download

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Paper Sizes

Files will print on USA and Metric paper. Be sure to select the select the appropiate paper size in your printer settings.

Color the parts of the face. Arrange the face and eyebrows to make smile smiles and frowns! Minimal preparation. A printer and a guillotine and you are good to go.

pdf 1

  • Banana mouth
  • Pear nose
  • Fries / Chips eyebrows
  • Orange eyes

pdf 2

  • Banana mouth
  • Broccoli nose
  • Ring donut eyes
  • Fries / Chips eyebrows

Each pdf page has 2 sets of food craft templates.
Print one of page for every 2 students in your class.


  • Guillotine - no prep time wasted cutting out circles. I had to make 220 of these one day so designed it to be prepared quickly.

Per student

  • x1 Set of facial features x1
  • Paper plate x1
  • Glue stick x1
  • Set of color crayons or pencils x1
  • Suggested resources

In class

  • Model a completed version of the craft
  • Elicit the food names and face parts
  • Show how the face and eyebrows can be re-arranged to make happy, angry and sad faces
  • Children glue the parts of the face to the paper plate. It’s always tempting to help “correct” them as they stick them all over the place, but let them create this independently.
  • Once everything is stuck down then they can colour everything.
  • As an option tape a large popsicle stick or chopstick to the back of the face to make it into a puppet.


  • Ask the student how their puppets feel
  • Sing an emotions or food song
  • Use the faces for role play
  • Use real food next time
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